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Reflections on 12 years of surgery in Tyler

July 1, 2013 will mark the 12th anniversary of opening my surgical practice, now known as Tyler Bariatrics. Freda Fleet was the first employee, and continues with me today. I started doing "open" gastric bypasses in November of 2001. I did open gastric bypass using the left subcostal incision. This is a diagonal incision, eight to ten inches long, about two inches below the ribs, on the left side. I used the incision and surgical technique taught to me by mentor in bariatric surgery, Dr. Kenneth Jones, Jr., past-president of the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery


In July of 2003, by which time I had done about 300 open gastric bypasses, I did my first laparoscopic gastric bypass. The technique I used was that described by Kelvin Higa, MD, who had published a very low rate of complications. I gradually transitioned to doing almost all gastric bypasses laparoscopically. The technique has changed some, in that now I usually do an ante-colic Roux limb, and use V-loc® sutures for making the anastomoses (connections between stomach and/or intestines). V-loc is an absorbable, self locking suture which I feel adds to the efficiency and precision of laparoscopic suturing. As of now, I have done about 2500 gastric bypasses - mostly laparoscopic.


I started doing Lap-Bands® in 2006 and these quickly grew in popularity. From 2006 to 2012, I did about 1100 Lap-Bands®. These have come down in popularity, and I do very few of them now. First, gastric bypass started coming back up in popularity over Lap-Band®, and then in 2010, I started doing laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy which has become the most common surgery I perform. I have done about 700 sleeve gastrectomies, and currently do around 30 per month.


Bariatric surgery is not without its share of problems and risks, but it has been the weight control tool that has brought improved health and well-being to the vast majority of patients who have undergone it. I greatly appreciate and respect the trust that over 4000 individuals have put in me by allowing me to perform bariatric surgery on them. I feel that God has blessed me with this opportunity and the skills and training to be able to offer these life-changing procedures.

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