Results: Improved Health

After Weight Loss Bypass Surgery

Results: Effects of Surgery on Health Problems

Weight loss surgery dramatically improves most, if not all of the obesity-related health problems. As with weight loss itself, there is no way to predict how effective surgery will be, but for many conditions, we have seen impressive results.

For some conditions, the improvement is caused by the weight loss alone. For some, such as diabetes and acid reflux (GERD), improvement is often seen before any weight loss occurs. Even a small amount of weight loss reduces the risk of diabetes and premature death substantially.

Examples of health problems resolved after weight loss surgery:

Health Problem Percentage Resolved
Diabetes 50% to 85%
Hypertension 50% to 75%
Sleep apnea 95%
Acid reflux (GERD) 75% to 95%
Dyslipidemia 95%