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Weight Loss Surgery

Losing weight and keeping it off is incredibly difficult. Diet and exercise measures alone seldom have success for the seriously overweight person, but having bariatric surgery can increase the odds of success. At Tyler Bariatrics, we can provide you with a surgical weight loss procedure to be used as a tool to achieve better results. Weight loss surgery should not be thought of as an alternative to dietary and exercise. It is not an “easy way out,” or a quick solution.

In the United States, these operations are the most common:

Gastric bypass has been in use since 1967. Gastric bypass is also called “Roux-en-Y gastric bypass”

Sleeve Gastrectomy has been in widespread use since about 2009. It is also called “vertical sleeve gastrectomy,” or “sleeve.”

Each of these surgical procedures was designed to help a person lose weight and improve obesity related health problems. How each surgery accomplishes this is different, and will be discussed in more detail in the sections linked above. Each of these surgeries should be considered major surgeries, even though they are performed with small incisions, and it's important to know the surgery risks for each.